Browser-based functionality / Node.js
Custom Visualizations
Charts / Graphs / Interactive Reports / D3.js

User Interface Web Development

Mozum produces lightweight, responsive, and maintainable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for our clients. We thrive on helping our clients meet complex requirements using the latest in web technologies and strict quality control standards.

We give our clients the ability to outsource their front-end development work to our team of seasoned professionals. Working with Mozum allows your team to defer ramp-up costs and have access to a team of user interface development experts immediately.

Mozum Coding Standards

  • Clean and minimal HTML
  • Full JSDOC documentation for all JavaScript files
  • Organized and commented stylesheets
  • Constructed to be extensible and scalable
  • Designed for low-impact long-term maintenance
  • Code reviewed internally; client code reviews welcome

Custom User Interface Templates

Our team excels at producing custom templates for popular web application frameworks. Mozum's pixel-perfect approach to template creation ensures our clients get the design and functionality they want, on top of strong established frameworks.

Mozum is available to produce a custom template for any web application framework. Popular frameworks we've worked on include: