Mozum produces concise, extensible, and well documented
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

User Interface Web Development

We are a software development team focused on front-end development. Our team is available for any tasks using HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Projects we work on include custom user interface template creation, client-side web application development, JavaScript library integration, and HTML5 based mobile application development.

We boost our client's web development efforts by acting as their front-end development team. Mozum produces custom user interface code built specifically to meet our client's requirements.

Single-page Web Application Development

Mozum constructs JavaScript based single-page web applications using new or existing web services for data.

Our application development is customized per client for maximum efficiency and performance. Mozum has an established set of coding standards which ensure our clients receive a high quality finished product.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients succeed. Our team is available to work on any size JavaScript based web application. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Consultation for Web Application Code

Poorly structured and older HTML, CSS, and JavaScript slow the performance of a web application. Mozum offers expertise in updating and refactoring client-side code to increase scalability, performance, and maintainability.

Older web applications often suffer from a lack of scalability and/or extensibility. Mozum helps our clients update their codebase to take advantage of the latest and fastest technologies.

The Value of Mozum

Mozum is a trusted front-end development partner who can help your team exceed in a variety of ways:

  • Mozum begins complex front-end development projects quickly with no ramp-up costs for our clients.
  • We offer our partners the ability to grow and reduce their front-end development efforts rapidly without effecting their staff.
  • Our consultations on existing web applications provide remediation points for our clients to improve performance and scalability.
  • New web application development from Mozum uses the latest front-end technologies and produces an optimal user experience for our client's interfaces.
  • We help our clients refactor user interface code to reduce maintenance time for their teams.